A Day in the Life of a Clothing Manufacturing Agent

The following is a short glimpse into A Day in the Life of a Clothing Manufacturing Agent. Over the past nine years, CMA Bali have been assisting fashion brands from all over the world to help them ethically and affordably manufacture their clothing here in Bali. We manufacture a massive range of clothing styles for our clients including, but not [...]

Determining Your Clothing Order Quantity

When starting your first clothing line or retail store, correctly determining your clothing order quantity is essential to securing the right amount of products without overstocking yourself. However, this decision won't entirely be yours to make. Manufacturers always have minimum order quantities, and whether you only need to put one item on your Shopify store or fill all your [...]

How a Profound Relationship Developed: Clothing Agent and Client

Being an overseas agent; physically away from 98% of our clients, it can be difficult to form strong relationships. This is why we take our job very seriously to ensure that meaningful relationships between clothing agent and client can be formed and strengthened daily. We utilise many form of communication including Skype, email and whatsapp to regularly update our [...]

8 Steps to Clothing Manufacturing

On a daily basis Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali receives numerous inquires from clients with a variety of questions. The most widely asked is regarding the process of clothing manufacturing; not knowing where to begin or what steps to take next. Here we will outline it the 8 step to clothing manufacturing from beginning to end. After reading this, you will have a [...]

Best Type of Stitching

Have you ever asked 'What is the best type of stitching?' and weren't sure how to make the right choice? Working with clients across numerous productions with seemingly endless varieties of garments, we are regularly asked to advise on certain aspects of the manufacturing process. The only way to give an accurate response is to also analyse the fabrics [...]

Manufacturing Hijabs: My New Fascination

Recently, we had the pleasure of manufacturing hijabs for one of our clients in Singapore. This was the first time that Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali was commissioned to produce hijabs, and let me tell you, what a joy that was! Being given this opportunity had the added benefit of the learning experience, especially about their fashion as a statement and [...]

Hand Painted and Batik Fabric

Batik printing is a long standing tradition in Bali and Indonesia. It dates back over 1000 years when it first started in Java. There are traditional batik patterns that are specific to each region, some more intricate than others. But what about using the traditional batik techniques of using hot wax with a spouted tool called a canting or [...]

Bikinis and Board Shorts

Being in Bali; in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by big beautiful surf and hot golden sun filled days, what better could we manufacture than Bikinis and Board Shorts. We are always asked about what materials and fabrics are best to use, what stitching, printing, and of course comfortability, when manufacturing bikinis and board shorts. Your options in [...]

Ethical Clothing Manufacturing

Recently it has become more evident that ethical clothing manufacturing is harder to come across but more relevant to consumers and awareness is growing. Asia is at the heart of a lot of manufacturing with India and China being the leaders in non ethical clothing manufacturing. However, in other parts of Asia, ethical clothing manufacturing has been the key [...]

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