Our Packages

As Indonesia’s leading clothing manufacturing agency, CMA Bali’s services packages are designed to provide the most effective project management and customer service experience for designers and retailers from all over the world.

We work with a growing team of Bali and Indonesia’s top ethical manufacturers and suppliers that we have hand-picked based on their manufacturing standards and high quality workmanship.

We help you to ethically manufacture your designs while overseeing the entire process from beginning to end – we are the experienced clothing manufacturing specialists who work for your business.

Below are CMA Bali’s two services package options. You don’t need to choose anything now. The first step is to submit all of your design specifications for all styles so that we can provide you with quotes. Once you’ve approved your quotes, you can simply let your assigned PM how you want to proceed.


  • This service package is for you if all you want to do is produce samples without going into mass production.
  • We follow your design specs to draft and cut patterns for all the styles, then ship your completed samples for you to approve.
  • This will be a replica of your garment, for 1 size only, to check for stitching, fabric performance, structure, fit, printing, etc.
  • Salesman Samples can be created upon request but additional costs and extended timeframes may apply depending on the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT: This service ends when all of your samples have been completed and approved. Once this service ends, if you return with new styles to sample, then a new Samples Package must be registered.


  • This package is for you if you would like to go into the mass production of your garments. Some clients start with the Samples Package then move into this package when ready to mass produce. Some clients just start from this package.
  • In the Production Package, samples production as stated above in the Samples Package is automatically included. This means that if you subscribe to the Production Package, you will not need to subscribe to the Samples Package as well.
  • Size grading will be completed once your production is confirmed by you.

IMPORTANT: This is a continuous 12-month service. Your assigned PM works for you for the entire term of your service. You can keep introducing more styles as needed.

Both Samples and Production packages automatically include the following services:

  • Negotiating with Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Sourcing Fabrics and Materials
  • Managing and Securing Your Payments
  • Packaging and Label Production
  • Protecting Against Design Exposure
  • Pattern Making
  • Effective Quality Control
  • Coordinating Shipping

If you would like to send in a more formal enquiry, please visit this page.