Negotiating With Manufacturers

Negotiating with manufacturers can be a difficult process taking into account cultural and language barriers, as well as the numerous different ways the millions of factories around the world operate.

At CMA, we already work within our own private and tested/vatted network of 54 of the top-rated ethical-verified clothing manufacturers in Bali, as well as other parts of Indonesia and India.

CMA Bali takes care of all negotiating with manufacturers as well as every other supplier in the main supply-chain. Our clients only need to submit their design specs and approvals as needed, we handle everything else.

Production Costs

We work closely with you and our manufacturers /suppliers to secure you the best production costs. The negotiating of costs is continuously reviewed. Over time, costs may be adjusted based on volumes and complexity of designs.

Minimum Order Quantities

There are times when CMA Bali may be able to accept slightly lower-than MOQ productions. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to negotiation with manufacturers regarding their production costs, your assigned Production Manager can discuss your unique production volumes to see if there is room to find the best solution for your needs. In general, there are a variety of factors that will determine the MOQs such as:

  • Colourways
  • Printing or Dying techniques
  • Custom-made Materials / Notions
  • Size Grading
  • Timeframes

You can see our set MOQs on the Mass Production page, please click here.

Negotiating with manufacturers to determine your MOQs will allow us to gauge the production timeframe of when all of your pieces will be completed.

During the production, your assigned PM will manage the time required to create all of your pieces. In some instances, costs may go down and clothing produced quicker.

This will in turn allow you to produce more of your pieces with cost-scale savings.

If you’d like to work with CMA Bali’s manufacturing services that already includes negotiating with manufacturers, please fill in our enquiry form – click here.