Clothing Manufacturing Quality Control

Quality Control (QC) is possibly the most important stage of the entire mass production phase.

If this process is not overseen very closely on a regular basis, the quality can diminish over time. This is especially true for brands that work direct with factories overseas without the assistance of an experienced production team such as CMA Bali. Keep in mind that every factory’s main focus is to always complete productions as quickly as possible because they charge per piece.

When you work with CMA Bali, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Production Manager. Your PM handles everything for you as well as updates you via photos/videos/calls to ensure you are apprised of every part of the process. They also handle the management during your quality control stages both during sampling and mass production.

During the mass production phase, we utilise CMA Bali’s specialised quality control checklists. We automatically provide quality control on a weekly basis to 10% of all garments manufactured. In addition to the weekly inspections, a final random inspection of your garments is conducted prior to shipping.

If the total amount of pieces in your production is less that 1,000 pieces, we will check every single piece. Once it goes over this amount, we will check 75% of the production at random to ensure quality control checks at numerous points of the production line.

If you’d like to work with CMA Bali’s manufacturing services that already includes quality control, please fill in our enquiry form – click here.