Labels, Tags, and Packaging

We make all of your care labels, woven fabric labels, and hang tags, during your mass manufacturing stage but we can also make custom packaging for you upon request.

To complete a garment, all labels are sewn, the garments are then QC’d, cleaned / ironed (if needed), then folded into clear sleeves sorted by size as well as a description of the garment.

If you require special branded packaging, we can arrange to have it produced here in Bali. We are able to have our suppliers produce additional packaging such as business cards, hang tags, receipt envelopes, paper or satin bags, flyers, stickers, branded ribbon, brochures, wrapping paper, and boxes. You simply need to provide us with the graphics and details. Please Contact Us to learn how, click here.


We can place your hang tags inside each garment’s sleeve so that you don’t need to worry about opening each packaged and attaching them yourself. This too will save you time and money. Please Contact Us to learn how, click here.