Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali’s FAQs & Help

Here is a list of some of the more common clothing manufacturing questions that we see from all incoming clients. If we haven’t answered your question here and you would prefer to speak with a human to get help, please Contact Us.

What is/are the best way(s) to submit my clothing designs to CMA Bali for quoting?

There are three ways that all of our clients handle the design process, and all of them are equally ok with us.

  1. One possible method is to hire a professional designer or tech pack creator. There are thousands of experienced fashion freelancers. Going down this route ensures that each garment’s design specifications is properly created. It’s important to interview designers and request that they already provide complete seam-to-seam measurements for a sample size. If they don’t provide this, then do not work with them.
  2. Another possible method is to download CMA Bali’s tech pack template. Then use actual clothing you love the shape and fit of as your base-template. And from there, simply obtain all the required specs from your new items and place them into the tech packs. It’s like filling any other form and is a great way to learn how to create tech packs for any style. Then once the quoting is done, you can just ship the clothing items for us to use as the reference templates to work from. You would only need to have the clothing items in one size, we grade all other sizes free of charge later on.
  3. The third and easiest method is to ship the actual clothing you love the shape and fit of that you want to replicate to us without creating tech packs (in one size only). Then you can simply let us know the fabrics you want to use, the fabric colours you want to have (if any), show us artwork for embroidery/printing (if any), and show us what your labels and tags should look like.

Does CMA Bali make my patterns?

Yes, our manufacturers cut and draft your patterns for you. We also provide free size grading!

Does CMA Bali make my samples?

Yes, making samples is the mandatory first step in the manufacturing process. We can’t proceed without your approval at this stage.

How do I make sure my samples are made the way I want them?

We will post them to you. To save time and money, most of our clients work with our Production Managers by sending detailed videos and images. We hold all of our manufacturers to a high standard of production which must be met at all times. We will always use our deep experience in clothing manufacturing to make sure things are done right for you.

What if I don’t know what fabrics I need to use?

That’s ok! We can help you select the right fabric and source it for you while providing recommendations along the way. We source locally in Bali, nationally throughout Indonesia, and internationally from our wide global supply-chain.

What is your Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)?

Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali has varying MOQs because we have 54 different manufacturing facilities in our network. When reviewing order quantities, there are 3 key factors to know.

  1. Our MOQs are expressed as “X-number of pieces per style per colour.” The word colour is also interchangeable with the words embroidery, print, or any other types of embellishment. So if your MOQ is 50 pieces, then you need to manufacture 50 pieces for every block colour, embroidery, print, or any other embellishmentthat you have for that one style.
  2. Our lowest MOQs start at 50 pieces per style + per colour. Withing this 50 pieces, the lowest number of pieces per size you can manufacture is 10.
  3. In most cases, our facilities also require a Total Production Order MOQ. Our lowest total production order is 350 pieces. This means you need to manufacture a minimum of 350 pieces across all the styles combined.

How long will it take to produce my clothing?

The time-frame to complete your production depends entirely on the complexity of your garments’ style, the length of time it takes for all back and forth communication with you, for your approvals and payments to be given, to complete the samples production and approval process, for the mass production stage of all pieces, the completion of all quality control (QC), and finally shipping to your destination. To give you an idea, an average order of 5,000 pieces can take 8 to 12 weeks to complete. It all depends on your specific needs.

How will I receive all of my clothing after it’s made?

We ship your completed production to you via sea or air freight. Please click here to find out more.

Do you work with contracts?

Yes. We always work with contracts to ensure the security of your production and payments. These contracts highlight our responsibilities and the specifics of your production.

How much would it cost me to do this on my own?

Besides the fact that you’ll spend months looking for the right manufacturer?

  1. You’ll still need to source the materials and fabrics without a deep relationship to any major textile manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers. You are likely to find retail suppliers who charge up to 50% more for the same materials that we can source at manufacturing suppliers.
  2. You’ll be working in a foreign business environment in a foreign language with foreign business ethics. The stress of doing this in Indonesia can be overwhelming.
  3. You’ll need to factor in your costs for flights, visas, hotels, transport, local phone calls, food, and other direct travel related costs as you try to manage everything.

Wouldn’t you rather be focusing on your marketing and sales while someone else who already has all the contacts and necessary clothing manufacturing skills handles all the ground work for you?

Can you calculate the time vs value vs opportunity cost of having to do all this on your own which can take months to a year versus letting us do this for you in days?

To learn more, please click this Contact Us link to see how Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali can help get you started today!