Selecting the Right Manufacturer

The most daunting part of manufacturing your clothing is selecting the right manufacturer. CMA Bali has tirelessly connected with every clothing manufacturer in Bali and have conducted assessments on every interaction. Our partner facilities are the top-rated facilities that have passed our ethics criteria.

We work within our own private network of 54 of the top-rated ethical-verified clothing manufacturers in Bali as well as across Indonesia. This allows you the flexibility of working across multiple disciplines and at varying MOQs.

The decision we make for selecting the manufacturer who best suits your project is entirely based on the styles of garments you’re producing. That’s because all of our manufacturers always produce high quality garments but most of them specialise in certain garment styles and/or have specialised machinery.

The most important factor in our selection criteria is whether a specific manufacturer can 100% facilitate your exact needs. So if you’re manufacturing board shorts, we won’t be taking your project to our evening wear specialist manufacturers.

If your clothing line requires more than one manufacturer from our network, then we’ll simply have our team of manufacturers collaborate on your project to get the pieces made just right. This may require more time depending on the complexity of your garments.

We also have the ability to scale your business. CMA Bali has a solid selection of small, medium, and large-scale manufacturers who all have the capacity to grow with you as your requirements grow. As you start placing larger orders, we will still be able to produce the high quality of clothing that you have become accustom to receiving from our service.

So how can you know everything is produced in ethical manufacturing facilities?

When we start selecting the manufacturer to join our network, we place them through a rigorous testing and vetting process.

  1. Reviews are conducted over various visits to asses the production facilities, the workers, the management teams, the health and safety standards, review any certificates, and more.
  2. Secondary stages include testing the production quality of simple garments up to their most complex styles. Dyeing, embroidery, printing, QC, and all other production activities are tested to ensure consistent quality.

As part of our ethical manufacturing initiatives, we’ve joined forces along with millions of others through the Fashion Revolution to help promote safe and healthy working and living environments for factory workers across as well as workers rights.

Here are a couple of pictures from various manufacturers that we work with.