Getting Quotes

To help us provide you with manufacturing quotes, there are certain details that we require from you. Here is a list of what you need to submit to our production team in order to begin getting quotes.

Please make sure you have the items below ready to share with our production team:

  1. Our preferred way to receive your design specs is to email your detailed tech packs to our Client Services team. If you don’t have proper tech packs, you can download our free-to-use tech pack template, click here to download.
  2. Some clients prefer not to create tech packs. In this case you can ship us clothing samples that are the same shape and fit, in one size only, of the garments you want to manufacture. We will quote from them and then use them as reference templates to work from. This also speeds up the pattern making process.

The above two methods are how you can get quotes. We need you to choose the method that suits your needs best.

What If You Also Have Patterns?

Some clients have advanced further or are already established and have their own clothing patterns. If you have these already made, we can use them. This will save you time and money during the sample making stages.

IMPORTANT: But we can’t use patterns for quoting, that’s why we prefer tech packs first, or you can ship physical clothing to us.

And finally…

Here are additional specifications that you should also provide in order to get quotes:

  1. Size Chart – There are so many different charts. Providing us your own will ensure accuracy during size grading.
  2. Brand logo/tag – Provided in PDF, JPEG, AI or PNG format set to scale with a minimum of 300 dpi.
  3. Swing tags – Provided in PDF, JPEG, AI or PNG format set to scale with a minimum of 300 dpi.

IMPORTANT: We cannot work from minimal descriptions or photos from other brands found online. This will not suffice. Proper and complete design specs are required.

So How Does The Payments Work?

Samples: When we’re drafting your patterns and making your initial prototypes / samples, we require full payment – this also secures your spot in the samples production line. There are inherent fabric, CMT, and associated materials and manufacturing costs that must be covered. Oftentimes we also need to test dye  and test print fabrics with your designs and for this we have to purchase low quantities of fabrics. Samples can cost up to 7x the cost of a production piece.

Mass Production: This is when we mass manufacture your entire production. To secure your spot in the production line among other producing brands, your first part-payment must be made. then your production begins. When your production is completed and QC has been passed, your second and final part-payment will release your production for shipping to you.

Fabrics, Trims, Notions, Etc.: Because we need to coordinate sourcing all fabrics, materials, accessories, etc. which have purchasing costs from each supplier in our network, when we provide these costs they will be accompanied by an invoice to be paid against a purchase order. Once full payment is made, your Production Manager can obtain everything from the supplier. It’s simply us buying what’s needed for you and you’re making a payment for all the items on the list.

Global Shipping: CMA Bali’s preferred shipping method is called Ex-works. Ex-works means we package everything for you, prepare all of your shipping documents, arrange the shipment with either our shipping accounts or your own, and you pay the shipping company directly. If you use our shipping accounts, then we’ll simply send you an invoice based on the shipping company’s rates, then you can make a full payment to CMA Bali release your shipment.

We pride ourselves on transparent accounting principles. CMA Bali will always provide you with detailed and easy-to-understand invoicing along with secure bank transfer facilities for your payments.

Don’t have tech packs? No problem. Download our free-to-use industry standard tech packs – Click Here to Download CMA Bali’s Tech Pack Template.