What Is Ethical Clothing Manufacturing?

In the most basic terms, ethical clothing manufacturing is defined as “no child labour, freedom of association and protection of the right to organise and collective bargaining, no forced labour, security of employment, no discrimination, health and safety, limited maximum hours of work, and the right to earn a living wage.”

For Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali, adhering to ethical clothing manufacturing in Bali, and across Indonesia, is the only way we will work with our chosen suppliers and manufacturers ensuring safe and healthy environments that respect workers’ rights. CMA Bali’s private network of manufacturers and suppliers must adhere to the International Labour Organisation’s core conventions as ratified by the Indonesian government.

Why is Ethical Clothing Manufacturing in Bali Important?

It has become more evident for brands and designer to put as much focus on ethical clothing manufacturing as it has on the designs of their clothing. This plays a large role not only for them in choosing where and who to produce with but also for the conscious consumers who they sell to. With Bangladesh and China leading the world as the most unethical places to manufacture, when you work with Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali, you can rest assured that you will consistently receive high quality garments with ethical clothing manufacturing in Bali.

These images are from one of the larger clothing manufacturers that we work with, employing over 1000 staff members.

Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Ethical-Manufacturing2 Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Ethical-Manufacturing3 Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Ethical-Manufacturing4 Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Ethical-Manufacturing1 Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Ethical-Manufacturing5

However, we also have a percentage of clothing manufacturers that are smaller family owned and operated, handed down for generations employing anywhere from 60 to 200 employees. Many of the staff live in the community in which they work – community neighbours, friends, and other family members – great respect is given to each of them to ensure ethical wages and a safe working environment.

By handpicking all of our suppliers and clothing manufacturers, CMA Bali ensures we are able to observe and help maintain the ethical and safe working conditions at all of our facilities. The manufacturers within our team all have responsible labour and health and safety practices.

By having Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali help you with your productions, you will proudly say “Ethically Made in Bali” and know it is true!