About Us

Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali are a clothing manufacturing agency located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Although our company has a couple of offices across Indonesia, we work with a growing team of over 54 clothing manufacturers that we’ve hand-picked based on their ethical manufacturing standards and high quality workmanship.

Our company was established in 2013 and currently manufactures exceptional standard clothing for over 1,800+ registered fashion brands across Australia, Europe, North America, Middle East and a total of 65 countries worldwide.

We help you ethically manufacture the clothing designs you create while overseeing the entire sourcing and production process from beginning to end – we are the experienced clothing manufacturing specialists who work for your business. We will be the pivotal contact between you, the manufactures, and suppliers we work with.

By working with CMA, you instantly eliminate the need to deal with a multitude of different businesses across the entire supply-chain in different countries, languages, and cultures, which can be a very daunting task when starting your own clothing line.

CMA Bali’s services provides a complete end-to-end clothing manufacturing solution for busy clients who don’t have the time to travel to find the production partners they need in order to manufacture their own apparel range.

We source all of the necessary fabrics and materials, oversee samples and patterns production, source all hardware accessories, oversee the mass production of your clothing styles, oversee the creation of woven brand tags and swing tags, actively monitor the quality control process, and ensure your manufacturers properly package and ship your garments directly to you. You are free to design your collection and leave everything else to us.

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