Samples Making

The samples making process follows Pattern Cutting. This is when we take your design specifications and being to manufacture your first sets of samples / prototypes. The rule of thumb is to allow this process to be more about perfecting the samples to your exact requirements and not about hurrying through the process.

Although many factories produce both basic up to complete versions of one garment, CMA Bali prefers to manufacture the correct sample as it would look if it was being sold; the Salesman’s Sample.

In some cases, if we have to wait for a fabric to be imported and you need to make samples for fit tests quickly, then we can use a locally available same fabric option to test for fit and sizing.

In the sampling process, you want to ensure the sew sample is correct before you move onto the testing of colour-ways or printing of fabrics.

What Are Colour-ways?

Colour-ways are all the different possible colour options that you will produce your garments in.

For example, if you want to manufacture a sports bra in solid black, blue, green, red, and yellow, this would be considered 5 colour-ways.

Almost all fabric can be dyed to whatever colours you desire. Keep in mind, certain fabrics can have MOQs for dyeing from 30m to 1,000m for small-scale facilities, depending on the fabric itself. We can advise you of these and provide best recommendations.


The best way to see any examples of our samples making and other clothing manufacturing activities is to follow us on our Instagram. When permitted by our clients, we snap photos and videos of live action from a production. Feel free to follow us, click here.