Batik printing is a long standing tradition in Bali and Indonesia. It dates back over 1000 years when it first started in Java. There are traditional batik patterns that are specific to each region, some more intricate than others.

But what about using the traditional batik techniques of using hot wax with a spouted tool called a canting or by using a copper stamp called a cap and creating more modern patterns and prints to create beautiful hand painted and batik fabric.

This is one of our specialties.

Hand Painted and Batik Fabric – Your Options Are Endless

We were recently asked by a client to create hand painted and batik fabric for a style of dress that she wanted. We were only given the instructions of “I need it to match these shoes”. We were given general guidelines of some colours to use and nothing more. But what was created was a work of art!

When creating batik fabrics and patterns, it is first hand drawn onto the fabric; in this case we were using satin, then the lines are traced over with the hot wax canting tool, the colours are individually added in by hand painting and the fabric is washed of the wax residue.

When batik artists are allowed the freedom to create, the results can be breathtaking!

Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-hand-painting-1                                     Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-LV-Shoes                                     Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-hand-painting-2

When producing hand painted fabrics, free hand is often used but in some instances, the pattern will be drawn onto the fabric first. Here we are creating another fabric for that same pair of shoes which will later be turned into a tunic.

Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-hand-painting-3                                     Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-hand-painting-4                                     Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-hand-painting-5

Creating your own fabrics, prints and patterns adds the designers true personal touch and style to each garment and allows for more freedom of expression. It allows you to take any piece of clothing to the next level and make it unique.