Recently it has become more evident that ethical clothing manufacturing is harder to come across but more relevant to consumers and awareness is growing. Asia is at the heart of a lot of manufacturing with India and China being the leaders in non ethical clothing manufacturing.

However, in other parts of Asia, ethical clothing manufacturing has been the key focus. Bali Indonesia is one of those places.

Ethical Clothing Manufacturing in Bali

Manufacturing in Bali and producing clothing in ethical ways has been happening in Bali for generations and still is today. Ethical clothing manufacturing and tailoring are long standing family traditions. Taking care of the people that make the clothing in addition to making great high quality clothing, is still the key focus.

Many factories here are kept small but the output that can be produced is high in number and quality. This is because pride is taken into what is being produced. Many families are generation of clothing manufactures and as such it is in the family heritage to keep it going. Many of the workers are community neighbours, friends and other family members and respect is given to each of them so to produce clothing in anything but ethical ways would not be possible. This would be a great disrespect to the families.

We have hand picked all of our suppliers and manufacturers based on our ethics and refuse to have any association with others that do not meet our high “western style” standards. We ensure that the factories within our team have responsible labour, health and safety practices. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who take this responsibility as seriously as we do.

Bali and Indonesia as a country, continue to grow and gain the respect as one of the leading producers in high quality, ethically manufactured clothing.

“Ethically Made in Bali with Love” – this is what almost every garment label produced in Bali reads…and its true!

Factories here may be smaller in size but they are much bigger in heart. This is what counts.

Bali puts the “ethical” back in “clothing manufacturing”!!!