Recent research using eye tracking technology proves how heatmaps improve advertising ROI by showing advertisers exactly where male versus female consumers’ eyes look when viewing ads. The insights are mind-blowing and shows that even the smallest tweak can help convert more viewers to buyers.

Read original post: by Business Insider “23 Heatmaps Reveal Where People Really Look

How Heatmaps Improve Advertising ROI

The resent article published by Business Insider, 23 Heatmaps Reveal Where People Really Look showed 23 different advertisements and images to both women and men and the results were surprising in some cases.

Using this article to elaborate on the findings and results will explain how heatmaps improve advertising ROI.

               Women viewing these images                                  Men viewing these images


Women and men were presented with these 2 images above and the result we surprising.

Women focus on the mans face, torso, and left hand (looking for a wedding ring?) and for the image of the woman, they focus on her face, chest, torso and inner thighs. When men were presented with these same 2 images, they focus on the mans face, torso, and groin and for the image of the woman, they focus on her face, chest, and torso.

So what does this tell us? Based on these images it suggests that consumers are looking for perfection or imperfection in others and focus on certain areas and may possibly be translating that onto themselves.

After viewing a number of advertisements and images, it was clear to see that woman focused on the female body parts and men focused on the male body parts, but looking at the opposite sex, the focus was on the face.


Selling a bikini or a pair of shoes, women would look at the entire image; and then spend more time looking at the torso, inner thighs, butt and the selling item in addition to the face where men on the other hand would look over the image quickly, barley spending any if not none at all on the item being sold and focus their attention back to the models face.

Relating This To Your Business’ Advertising

This article and its information are good to keep in mind when creating your advertising including your website. Also, taking good quality .

Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Heatmaps3Ensure that all of your advertising and images are targeted and engaging to the consumers attention and focus. Having your models looking in certain directions will help connect the consumer with the product. All photos must encourage the buyers to buy so make their eyes to go where you want them to go, see what you want them to see. Make your focal point and product clear. In this ad, there was little to no engagement when the models eye was looking straight rather than at the product. Make the connection for your consumers.

Consumers also look at websites in either an “F” pattern or a “Z” pattern. Keeping all of the important pieces of information here will suit you well. Giving your customer want they want without them having to look to hard for it is key.

No matter what your eCommerce website is selling, ensure your advertisements and images are engaging and focused; this will improve your ROI and convert visitors to buyers.